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In May 2004, Wakeboarding magazine featured J.D. on its cover and wrote, "Watching him attack rails is ridiculous - his control and ability to school any line is right up there with current leaders of rail art. It's downright scary to think where J.D. might take the sport, and some have tagged him as the next great thing to hit pro wakeboarding."

The editors were likely patting themselves on the back for their foresight when they handed J.D. the Rail Rider of the Year honors at their 2008 Wake Awards. The next big thing has fully arrived, and J.D. Webb is just getting started.

Now he's got his eyes on bigger prizes. For starters, he wants to take Rider of the Year honors from his friend and mentor Danny Harf, and he'd like to claim the 2009 Pro Tour title on his way there. "My first goal is the same as it ever was - to help the progression of wakeboarding, whether it's inventing new tricks, getting new people into the sport, or taking down the Pro Tour title, and to just really ride my best all year," says J.D. "That said, getting second on the Pro Tour in 2008 was a real motivator. I'm going big this year."

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