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As manager of the Red Bull Air Force, Jon DeVore is part educator, part performer, and one-hundred percent visionary. "I'd like to teach the general public that what we're doing is actually flying, not just dropping," he explains. "Gravity is our engine. We manipulate the wind speed it creates off our bodies to fly forward and cover miles of territory, or to choreograph complex aerial routines at speeds of over two hundred miles per hour."

Raised in the forty-ninth state, "Alaska Jon" (who now lives in California) took his first jump as a teenager and went on to win multiple national and world championships in individual and three-man freeflying.  Jon, a man who survived a one-hundred-mile-an-hour crash into a mountain when a stunt went wrong, has a new project of his own, which he calls the Seven Summits. "I'm planning to be the first to use a high-speed parachute to descend from the highest summit on each of the seven continents," the athlete says. "I figure I'll reach speeds of close to 80 miles per hour or more on the approach, and there will be lots of hazards in the landscape, so it's super dangerous, but I'm training hard." Clearly amped at the prospect, he adds, "Tackling this is going to be huge."