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Sure, he's got a surfing pedigree. His dad is Dino, after all. But now a six-time NSSA National Champion, two-time USA National Champion, and, at 14, the youngest person ever to win the men's open title at a NSSA regional event - and the first surfer to win both the open men's and open junior's divisions at the same contest - Kolohe Andino is not only surfing up to the hype, as featured in some of the hottest new videos, but giving notice that we haven't begun to see what this California-bred super grom can do.

Closing out a spectacular season with a grip of records, "Brother" is already gearing up for '09. With his six national NSSA titles, and a penchant for winning multiple divisions, he's only one event away from claiming Bobby Martinez's seven-title crown. Competitors beware: the June 2009 NSSA final, Kolohe's favorite, will be at Lower Trestles, his home break. He's also seeded to make a run for a Top 5 spot on the ASP Jr. Pro North American Series and earn himself a trip to Australia for the Worlds.

Long term, Kolohe's got his sights set on seeding high in some QS events so that when he's 18 he can finally "come on" to the CT. In the end, for Kolohe, it's all about the surfing. "I surf because I love it," he explains. "And I love the feeling after I surf. It's like a cold shower when it's super hot outside...it's just really refreshing."