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Skater Luis Tolentino learned his trademark high ollies on the streets of Queens, New York, where he grew up and first learned to skate from friends and classic skate videos. First sponsored in 2006, he began to make a name for himself when he set a new high ollie record in 2009 with a leap of 44.5 inches. He spent the following years skating all over the world, including in his new favorite city, Barcelona, and in 2011 made the same leap that skaters like Jason Lee and Rob Dyrdek made before him, playing a lead role in the independent film Pablo on Wheels, for which he was nominated for Best Actor at the 2011 Greenville International Film Festival.

Luis is looking forward to trying to get his high and long ollie records into the Guinness Book of World Records, and he says he enjoys being an inspiration to Dominican-American kids in New York who, like him, dream of growing up to skate for a living.