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"If you're not progressing, you're falling behind, right?" asks Red Bull Air Force member Luke Aikins. The question is purely rhetorical, with two decades of experience in skydiving, Luke's primary aim is to keep growing his talent, and to bring out the talent in others. Already a seasoned veteran of the Pro Swooping Tour, as well as a popular skydiving instructor, in 2008 Luke wrote a new chapter in his career with a win at the Red Bull Blade Raid at Crystal Mountain.

When Luke was born in 1973, he became the newest member of a skydiving dynasty. "My gramp skydived till he was 86, and my dad, my sister, my brothers, my cousins, we all got into it," he says.  Currently, Luke's skydives total about 12,500 (with the highest starting from 26,000 feet!), and his B.A.S.E. jump tally has reached the century mark.  The athlete is currently getting ready to attack a new goal: "I'm working on a project to make one skydive in each of twenty-four states in a twenty-four-hour period," Luke explains. "It should be quite a feat!"