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Snowboarder John Jackson goes so big that the great outdoors can barely contain him. After being hailed as a teen prodigy for his park and pipe finesse, winning U.S. Nationals, and competing on the world circuit, the shredder took his skills to the backcountry, and snowboarding movies will never be the same.

“I started filming pretty young, and it slowly transitioned me out of the contest scene,” John explains. “I still competed a bit in the Triple Crowns, the Grand Prix events, and the X Games a couple of times,” he says, but the more he filmed, the stronger the lure of big mountains became. “I really enjoyed the backcountry, and filming is where I felt I could really progress.”

John’s film parts are unmistakable – on the world’s biggest, steepest, sketchiest geologic formations, he seems to casually toss off freestyle moves that others have trouble nailing even on neatly groomed parks, like his smoothly flowing – and monstrously huge – double cork.

But there’s nothing casual about it. John’s vibe is mellow (signature blond dreads and an ever-present smile), but his runs are death-defying; so he’s hugely dedicated and has serious respect for Mother Nature. His disinterest in cashing in on his talent may have kept John from rocketing to superstardom early on, but over the past few years collaborations with Brain Farm Digital Cinema and Forum Films have brought him the props he deserves.

The Californian’s 2009-10 season was stellar as his two-part ender in Forever put a stronger spotlight on his skills than ever before. He nearly ran out of acceptance speeches after winning Snowboarder’s 2010 Men’s Rider of the Year, Jumper of the Year, and Video Part of the Year, as well as TWS Video Part of the Year and Rider of the Year. And the recognition kept coming with covers for Snowboarder and the TWS Photo Annual, as well as a special foldout spread in the milestone 200th issue of TWS.

“I’m working on two projects next, so the goal is to get as much insane snow as possible and stay healthy,” says John, who is shooting another movie with Forum and is also collaborating with Travis Rice and Brain Farm on The Art of Flight, due in September 2011.

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