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With a smooth and explosive style that landed him in the number two spot on Surfer magazine's Hot 100 groms list for two consecutive years, Evan Geiselman is one of a new band of young surfers annihilating waves and redefining what's possible before he's old enough for a driver's license: "I'm trying to do the most progressive stuff I can, but I want it to look effortless and powerful," he says.

In March of 2008, Evan tore into his competition at the NSSA East Coast Nationals at Florida's Sebastian Inlet, leaving with victories in Open Juniors, Open Airshow and Explorer Boys - he even pulled down the highest single-wave score of the Open Juniors division. His performance earned him a record 12 NSSA East Coast titles.

Now his name comes up in the same breath as Machado's and Slater's, comparisons Evan doesn't take lightly. While flattered by the praise, Evan doesn't let the bigger picture detract his focus. "I feel a little pressure, but that's more from me. I don't do it for anybody else. I'm just trying to surf the best I can and get better every time I surf." Evan manages to cut through the hype with a simple philosophy: Be a better surfer every time you step on the board.

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