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In a sport where everyone is constantly looking ahead to the ‘next big thing’, it’s Julian Wilson who appears to have all the right moves. Surfing since “before I can remember,” Julian is the product of a fanatical surfing family. His dad Mick, mum Nola and brothers Bart and Seb all surf and to this day enjoy the waves that lap to the door of their Sunshine Coast home.

A prodigious junior talent, Julian took home national titles in both long and shortboard divisions, before diving headlong into the glitzy shortboard scene in his mid-teens. Multiple pro junior titles and the 2006 ISA World Junior Title soon followed. In 2007, he attempted and landed a world-first “Sushi Roll,” a maneuver he named during a photo trip to Japan that triggered a flurry of futuristic new aerial moves. As the youngest-ever recipient of the SURFER Poll award for “Best Performance of the Year” for his part in Quiksilver’s Young Guns III, Julian turned his focus on his own film. Titled “Scratching the Surface,” it involved a one-year hiatus from competition.

He has already beaten the world’s best, Kelly Slater, twice at the elite level and together the pair shared a promotional ride in Australia to the first event of the 2010 season on a jet plane wrapped in the colours of Julian’s signature boardshorts. Julian has also surfed in front of 25,000 people in the strangest of places -- the Sunway Lagoon wavepool in the land-locked city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he was whipped into two-to-three-foot man-made waves by a jet-ski. A mad golf enthusiast, Julian enjoys a sponsorship with Titleist and has custom putters made for him, a luxury shared by few outside that sport.

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