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In an era where most BMX racers spend more time at the gym than they do on the bike, Mike Day brings a natural finesse to the track, fusing the requisite full-throttle burst of power with killer style. He'd rather hit the trails than the squat rack, a fact that's evident in his remarkable bike-handling skills, but he's smart enough to know that natural talent benefits from proper training. Effectively striking a balance between focused workouts, mental preparation, and plenty of pedal time, Mike has found success and respect on and off the track.

Born in Tarzana, Calif., in 1984, Day discovered BMX with his older brother. "I rode bikes around the neighborhood, but I didn't start racing until I was 9, which is kind of late," he notes. Regardless, a promising amateur career led Mike to turn pro in 2002, the same year he graduated from Valencia High School. He finished the National Bicycle League A Pro Series in a solid second place overall and stepped up to the elite AA Pro level the same year. Although he wasn't originally scheduled to compete in the 2003 Summer X Games, he scored a last-minute invite and rode it all the way to a bronze medal in Downhill BMX, an emerging and much gnarlier version of BMX racing.

After sealing up the coveted NBL #1 Pro series title in 2005 and earning a NORA Cup award for Racer of the Year, Mike turned his focus to the new international BMX Supercross series, which featured advanced tracks with huge roll-ins and bigger jumps. Day spent months dialing in the Supercross format and earned a spot on the 2008 U.S. Olympic team. He brought home a silver medal from Beijing and put the icing on the cake with his second NORA Cup award at the end of the year. For 2009, he's back in the hunt for a national title, and he?s still aiming high. "I'd really like to win the World Championships," he says. "And I'd love to win an ABA title." He's proven that both goals are within his reach, and he's still getting faster every time he blasts out of the starting gate. In 2008, Mike Day helped make BMX history, and at 24 years old, he's only begun to create his legacy.