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Pat Moore is both jack and master of all trades when it comes to snowboarding. One year he's greasing rails for slopestyle accolades and taking a pass through the Grand Prix halfpipe. The next he's become the new king of massive airs and skipping contests to build banging video parts.

Through all the manifestations, Pat found the ability to fly. He holds "Highest Air" honors in the quarterpipe at the Oakley Stylemasters in China, the Abominable Snow Jam at Timberline, and the U.S. Open. Flying in style won him "Best Trick" for a massive 20-foot McTwist at the Arctic Challenge.

The New Hampshire native has gone west to the Wasatch with much of the snowboard world, where he can indulge his new passion for big-mountain boarding. His diverse video segments are testaments to his excellence across the snowboarding spectrum; the same year had Pat laying down a solid part in an urban centric jib video and a big mountain-geared freeride film. What makes it possible? A positive attitude, which pushes him to constantly try new snowboarding avenues and succeed.

Catch Pat in Brain Farm's The Art of FLIGHT.

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