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No bar is high enough for Travis Rice. This drive makes him the rider pushing snowboarding the farthest on and off snow today.

Whether reinvigorating snow films or creating new concepts for contests, his confidence is striking. A triple-threat, equally lethal in slopestyle, big air competitions, or backcountry, Travis has been called by sportswriters the best all-around rider in the world. And with a personality that is as huge as his tricks, Travis has become the rider to watch.

Travis' unusual versatility - exploding for huge air one day, riding an Alaskan spine the next - keeps him constantly in demand. This demand offers him the support to make his visions of what snowboarding should be - riding in the mountains with friends - a reality.

That's It, That's All, the film project from Brain Farm productions, where Travis is a co-owner, producer, and often star, revolutionized the snow film world. Using innovative camera technologies to capture new tricks stomped in remote locations, Travis shares his perspective on snowboarding with viewers. Brain Farm's latest project, The Art of FLIGHT, was released in fall 2011.

While still climbing podiums in other people's big air, quarterpipe and slopestyle contests, Travis decided it was time to start his own. The Quiksilver Natural Selection was born in his hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It takes place on the mountain, in powder with 17 of his favorite riders, but best of all, the contest is judged by snowboarding legends.

Ultimately what makes Travis such a standout is how much he obviously loves what he's doing. Even without the adulation, endorsements and the trophies, you get the feeling he'd still be out there, carving new lines and looking for epic jumps. Maybe it's his easy confidence or maybe he's simply too jet-lagged to play the rockstar, but Travis Rice comes off the complete package, minus supersized hang-ups.

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