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Who are you? Ryan Doyle, free runner.

What’s your philosophy in life? Just go for it. Don’t live in fear of making mistakes, accept it as being part of life’s plan for you, so learn from it and do it right. The best three words you’ll every hear are “get over it”.

Do you have a hero? Jackie Chan, the godfather of free running!

What was your most emotional moment? Breaking my leg. It wasn’t the break that got me down, it was being alone, stuck on the 17th floor of a Viennese hospital for eight days by myself, alone, and I couldn’t speak German...

What was the biggest setback you had in your career? 12 months rehab on my left leg after snapping my tibia and fibula in 2007.

What's your biggest extravagance: Glasses! I keep losing them. If I take them off I’m so shortsighted I can't find them again!

What’s your favorite food? Crispy chilli beef with egg fried rice.

What’s your favorite club? My house, Doylies Club!

What do you do best? I can constantly change and adapt to new experiences and environments.

Tell us a little known fact about yourself: I’m a robot sent from the future to kill someone who hasn’t been born yet!

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Ryan was never the athletic type in school. In fact, when it came to playing soccer on the playground, he was always stuck at goalie. So Ryan channelled his energy into martial arts and later discovered free running.

He was a natural, and found he could turn any apparent weakness to his advantage. For example, although he has very poor eyesight he claims it’s an advantage because if he could actually see the true height of a jump he was on, he’d probably chicken out!

His creative free running movements combined with a martial arts background has made him a national tricking champion ('06, '07, '09). He also won the first official international free running event: Red Bull Art of Motion in Vienna in 2007.

Unfortunately, right at his moment of triumph, Ryan broke his leg when he missed the landing mat from a 12-foot jump in the final. He now has a 13-inch bar held on to his leg with 14 screws as a permanent reminder.

But you can't hold a good free runner down, and Ryan is back in action, back in competition and touring the world with his jaw-dropping skills.

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