Saro's Details

About Saro


Born in the early 80’s and raised in Chicago’s north side, Saro is inspired and in touch with the 80’s vibe. “Bright and vibrant backgrounds behind a classic, very detailed subject matter is just the way to go.”

Saro has provided the streets with stickers, stencils, wooden installations, and graffiti since 2000. Through social media, he has traded his iconic stickers and his artwork has been displayed all over the U.S., Europe and South Africa.

Definitely not the typical “artist” type, Saro never went to an art school for fear that it would change his attitude toward the approach he takes to the artwork and even the art itself, “ I NEVER want this to feel like work…its fun this way, less serious and more free. I’m doing this for ME and hoping some people enjoy it along the way.”