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To say that New Jersey’s Sean Ricany got an early start in BMX would be quite the understatement. Although his small frame didn’t allow him to muscle the bike around for bigger moves, it was obvious he had the mechanics down and was definitely not afraid to go for it in any situation. He made his first trip to Woodward, the action sports super-camp in Pennsylvania, when he was ten years old, exposing him to a wealth of valuable instruction from professional BMX riders.

Essentially fearless in any social setting, Ricany made a strong first impression with everyone he crossed paths with. Sometimes brash but always at least a little endearing, his behavior made everyone pay attention – this was a kid who was not going to get lost in the shuffle. As his notoriety built, plenty in the BMX industry were taking notice of the kid who was way too good for his age. Staff BMX, a local shop, knew talent when they saw it so they began hooking Sean up when he was just 11. By the end of the same year, he was on the flow squad for San Diego-based bike company Premium Products.

Ricany currently puts plenty of effort into school to ensure he’ll have the opportunity to join team trips to ride and film. Whether it’s riding, surfing every chance he gets or just hanging out with friends, he wants to have a good time and acknowledges the work he’ll have to put in in order to enjoy the payoff. And it’s definitely coming.

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