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Sofia Mulanovich is more than a pro surfer -- she’s an icon, surrounded by enough cameras and fans to rival a tabloid starlet. As the first (and only) South American to win an Association of Surfing Professionals World Title, Sofia electrified a generation of Peruvians with hope, self-confidence, and a love of surfing. And her perseverance and amazing attitude wins her fans around the world. So it’s no wonder Sofia was named the number one female surfer in four consecutive Surfer Poll Awards and the “Best Female Action Sports Athlete” at the 2005 ESPYs.

Nicknamed “La Gringa” back home for her blue eyes and blond-streaked hair, Sofia’s drive, graciousness, and uncanny natural ability have all the makings of a true athletic hero. In between traveling the globe in search of another World Title and good waves, she is looking forward to pouring energy into a new philanthropic effort to get Peruvian kids into surfing. But in every endeavor you'll find Sofia having fun doing what she loves: surfing with friends.

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