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Since 2009, American Trey Hardee has reigned as the World’s Greatest Athlete. The title is up for grabs just once every two years, and the way to earn it is to excel at ten different sports over two grueling days in that brutal combination of Track and Field events known as the Decathlon World Championship.

The Alabama-born athlete, who resides in Texas, holds the third-best decathlon score ever for an American as well as the seventh-best score internationally, and he is only the third man to have won the World title twice. In addition to his consecutive 2009 and 2011 World crowns, he has claimed NCAA and U.S. National championships, set numerous records, and earned kudos including the Jim Thorpe All-Around Award and NCAA Division I Men’s Indoor Field Athlete of the Year. Trey also represented the United States at the 2008 Olympics, and when the decathlon is contested at the Games in 2012, he’d like nothing better than to be part of a U.S. podium sweep.

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