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UR New York tells the stories of a new generation of artists. They are talented urban and street creators generally hidden in the shadows and more often than not arrested and punished for expressing their talents. Exhibiting in shows and collaborations globally, with companies such as Nike, VH1, and Pop International, these two authentic, skillful and versatile artists disrupt the stereotype of struggling artists. Rather than hide in obscurity, Baca and Romero break and enter into the professional art world. UR New York returns home from their travels, with an approach to art that relies heavily on their New York City heritage and the people and cultures abroad to which they’re paying homage.

UR New York has grown up on the streets of New York City – Fernando grew up in Queens and Mike grew up in some of Brooklyn’s most notoriously tough neighborhoods. In the aesthetic allure of the street, Mike and Fernando started their own “gallery stand” on the corner Prince and Greene Streets a few years ago in SoHo, the originating point of New York’s hip, avant garde gallery district. Since claiming the street corner, Ski and 2ESAE are now fully represented by Pop International Galleries on West Broadway.

UR New York is the premiere urban art collective. Propelled by sheer determination, a hunger for success and growing validation by galleries, collectors and their peers, Mike and Fernando have a guerilla, community-focused approach to the art world — a point of pride for the two of them, who remain genuinely grateful and humble. This unconventional method has ensured benefits for the community resulting from their burgeoning success. During their journeys, they have worked determinedly with kids from all walks of life, earning admiration and respect the world over. “BE WHO YOU ARE®” is their credo and they take their growing visibility seriously. They genuinely recognize their responsibilities and work toward imparting a positive impact on the kids they encounter.

Baca and Romero truly work together – two distinct personalities who magically shape and meld on the canvas, creating a fusion of energy, hope, power, community and imagination in every exceptional work.