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Zered Bassett, who gained his reputation as an East Coast underground favorite, has made himself into a worldwide sensation. His mastery of rails, ledges, sculptures, stairs, construction equipment, and seemingly every other urban obstacle seems to be effortless. Whether he's skating in the far-off locale of Zululand, South Africa, or dodging traffic right outside his Manhattan apartment, "Dr. Z" has the ability to create something out of what can seem to be nothing.

Growing up in Chatham, Massachusetts, Zered worked in the family business just to make ends meet. But after a Transworld SKATEboarding Rookie of the Year award in 2005, TV appearances on Fuel, interviews in nearly every major skate magazine, a Zoo York pro-model board, and a second pro-model shoe in the works at DVS, the guy's ends are now pretty much welded together.

Zered Bassett has become one of the most prominent and covered skaters on the East Coast, so go ahead and take a seat in the waiting room, the doctor will be in shortly.

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