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In a specialized discipline of BMX that is often overlooked by most media outlets, Terry Adams is an international sensation, scoring magazine covers and feature interviews that help bring flatland riding to the forefront. He could rest on the countless contest wins he's earned around the world, but he chooses instead to take every opportunity to promote the sport he is so passionate about. "Flatland is my heart and soul," he says. "I will do everything I can to help it grow."

Growing up in Hammond, LA., a small town about an hour outside of New Orleans, Terry discovered BMX flatland when he was 12. Severe asthma and dyslexia made home-schooling a necessity, but that didn't affect his riding aspirations. "I wouldn?t say that those things were obstacles," he says. "If you want something bad enough, you can do whatever you want in this world. You just need to believe." His inimitable style quickly took shape, and in 2002 he earned breakout wins at contests in Chicago, New York and Japan, as well as his first X Games invite.

In 2005, Terry scored big, taking the gold medal at the Asian X Games in Korea, earning a NORA Cup award for Flatland Rider of the Year, and landing on the cover of RideBMX magazine's December issue - the first time a flatland rider had graced the cover in almost 10 years. A second cover, this time for BMX Plus!, came less than a year later. He continued to hustle to get flatland in front of as many eyes as possible, delivering video parts and photo shoots that appealed to a wide audience, performing demos in nightclubs and on college campuses around the country, and co-producing the hugely popular Voodoo Jam contest, held annually in New Orleans.

In late 2007, Terry began working on an autobiographical DVD project called Dreams that would chronicle his compelling life and career, focusing on the positive message of working hard to make your dreams a reality. "I was really focused on the commentary for this film because I want the messages to be clear," he says. "I'm very excited for people to hear my story and to show them that anything is possible." With a new house in Hammond, a second NORA Cup award in '08, a TV appearance on Glee and a worldwide reputation, Terry Adams definitely knows what he's talking about.

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