Red Bull Wings Team


Who Is A Wings Team Member?

Red Bull Wings Team Members are part of unique fleet of charming, knowledgeable, entrepreneurial, and dynamic individuals spread across the top 62 markets in the United States. These Wings Team Members are passionate about Red Bull and are excited to share their love with current and future consumers at unexpected and unique times. The most important part of a Wings Team Members’ job is to put a Red Bull product and sampling tag in the consumers’ hand and offer a memorable experience that will drive brand loyalty.

Ciera, Florida Atlantic UniversityCiera displays an unparalleled charm in all aspects of life. When she isn't leading her team in quality interactions, she'll be modeling or stand-up paddling with her beloved dog. Her magnetic personality and passion for Red Bull truly inspires her team to work hard and be the best they can be. Her favorite moment as a Wings Team Member has been playing an instrumental role in organizing the biggest sampling event in US history during Miami Music Week!

Victoria, Fashion Institute of TechnologyVictoria's shining personality and bright lifestyle always brings smiles to those around her. She has a keen eye for photography and flourishes most in a creative environment. Her passion for digital media has landed her multiple photography internships that has helped foster her inherent talents. Her favorite moment on the Wings Team has been launching the Red Bull Editions to her favorite city — The Big Apple!

Scout, Loyola Marymount UniversityScout leads her life with a positive outlook on everything. Not only can you find her performing on stage and aspiring to be a PR maven, she also plays a vital role in her sorority as New Member Education leader. Her dazzling personality and sharp mind has proven to be key ingredients in maintaining her track record of success. Her favorite moment on the Wings Team has been getting the opportunity to win the hearts and minds of our consumers each and everyday day by giving wings to those in need!

Suzanne, Columbia College ChicagoSuzanne's spirited personality and up beat nature sparkles through a smile that never ends. She wishes there were more hours in the day for all her activities like American Sign Language Club, PR Student Society, Sports Marketing Club and watching her favorite team — the White Sox! Her favorite moment on the Wings Team has been giving wings with her teammates at Red Bull Flugtag to help create one of the most successful events Chicago has ever seen!

Courtney, Chapman UniversityCourtney can't help but light up a room with her passion for life. She puts her entire heart and soul in everything that she does. On top of having a double major in Narrative Television and Advertising, she manages to find time to also be the Officer of Campus Affairs in her sorority as well as be an active member of the Rock Climbing Club. Her favorite moment as a Wings Team Member was getting to give the gift of wings at Chris Sharma's rock gym opening!


Wings Team in Action