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Photography and sports go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. Who can forget Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston? Or John Carlos and crew throwing up the black power fist in the '68 Olympics? So when we stumbled across all the sequence images of our athletes, we had to pay homage to the art of sports photography by giving them an XL gallery. Peep the technique:

Vicky Arvaniti
Vicky Arvaniti delivers her powerful serve. Photo: Ray Demski.
Rafael Ortiz
Ask any kayaker who their hero is and you'll get one answer: Rafael Ortiz. Photo: Mauricio Ramos.
Levi Sherwood
Levi grew up on two wheels and is currently a rising star in the FMX scene. Photo: Alex Schelbert
Red Bull Art of Motion
An amazing blend of artistry from free running, parkour, martial arts, and gymnastics. Photo: Garth Milan
Chris Doyle
Chris spent the last 17 years developing his characteristic smooth landings. Photo: Justin Kosman
Clemens Doppler
Clemens is the only player to top the end-of-season Euro Tour standings more than once. Photo: Rutger Pauw
Corey Bohan
Australia's Corey Bohan has made an indelible impression on the world of BMX. Photo: Christian Pondella
Dani Pedrosa
Dani first rode a motorbike at the age of four, an Italijet 50 complete with side wheels. Photo: Cameron Baird
Jordy Smith
If you’re looking for surfing’s next superstar look no further. Photo: Brian Bielmann
Mathieu Rebeaud
Mat’s grandfather and father were both riders. Photo: Christian Pondella
Orlando Duque
Orlando has nine world championship titles. Photo: Agustin Munoz
Paul Bonhomme
Paul won the Red Bull Air Race championship in 2009. Photo: Predrag Vuckovic
Petr Kraus
Petr is a World Champion Trail Biker. Photo: Agustin Munoz
Robbie Maddison
Robbie rocketed into 2008 by jumping his motorcycle 322 feet. Photo: Predrag Vuckovic
Ronnie Renner
Robbie rocketed into 2008 by jumping his motorcycle 322 feet. Photo: Predrag Vuckovic
Tanner Hall
Tanner Hall and freestyle skiing go hand-in-hand. Photo: Wojtek Antonow
Travis Pastrana
Travis is freakishly talented on both two and four wheels. Photo: Agustin Munoz
Felix Baumgartner
Felix will explore the outer edges of the atmosphere with a space dive. Photo: Alfredo Martinez

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