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Manual Dexterity

Many Mania in Red Bulletin Magazine November 2011 Red Bulletin Magazine

The competitors came from all over the world -- places as varied as Peru, Kazakhstan, and Denmark -- to New York’s Chinatown to prove one thing: when it comes to skateboarding, the devil is in the details.

Casual fans of the sport have seen the big-air skateboarders, the ones who soar above ramps and trick their way into their fans’ hearts. These athletes usually also have access to well-maintained skateparks -- and to corporate sponsors that are willing to fork out for the medical bills that inevitably come with attempts to defy gravity.

But big air has a low-to-the-ground, more-egalitarian sibling. Manual skating -- a discipline where riders flip and spin in and out of two-wheeled balancing acts -- is one of the most difficult forms to master. A very different skill set is required: patience, perseverance, and an adroit pair of feet.

Pro skaters who excel at manual tricks -- such as Joey Brezinski, Brandon Biebel, and Kenny Anderson -- are revered by their peers for the amount of technical acumen and creativity it takes to master the moves.

Part of the joy of manual skating is its simplicity; it is accessible to anyone with a skateboard, a slab of pavement, and a willingness to twist an ankle or two in the name of sport. This allows Red Bull’s Manny Mania contest series to seek out manual masters from around the world.



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