Felix Baumgartner Joerg Mitter/Red Bull Media House

You'd think jumping 128,000 feet from the edge of space and breaking the speed of sound in free fall would guarantee Felix Baumgartner the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2013 award. But wait till you see some of the other feats on the list.

Chilean big wave surfer Ramon Navarro chased a storm wave from South America to Fiji, where he surfed what some people are calling the best tube ride ever. Austrian David Lama became the first person to free climb the Southeast Ridge of Cerro Torre -- a 3,600-foot peak in Patagonia. And then there's Steve Fisher, whose Grand Inga Project saw him kayak the Congo in Africa, as well as paddle to the precipice of Victoria Falls.

And these are only the Red Bull athletes. There are six more equally courageous nominees, including a snowboarder, an artist and a humanitarian. Make your vote by January 16, 2013.

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