Felix Baumgartner on CBS

Felix Baumgartner appeared on 'CBS This Morning' today as the Red Bull Stratos media tour began in New York City. Over the next week or so, Felix will appear on CNN, FOX News, 'Good Morning America' and 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.'

On CBS, Felix spoke about what it felt like to jump from 128,100 feet above the Earth, why he undertook the Red Bull Stratos mission and what it felt like to break the sound barrier in a free fall. "You would not be human if you didn't have fear," he said about standing on top of the world. "Up there, if something goes wrong, you're dead in 15 seconds."

The Red Bull Stratos live jump, which was viewed by eight million people via live wecast (and has since been seen by more than 50 million people on YouTube), is the subject of an all-access documentary, 'Space Dive,' set to air on the National Geographic Channel in November. Stay tuned for more details...

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