Ouya development kit

Ouya, the open source video game console that was initially funded through Kickstarter, recently shipped units to developers. And boy, is the console small -- smaller than a coffee mug, in fact.

In the video below, Julie Uhrman, Ouya's CEO, reveals the limited-edition development kit -- including the controllers -- and shows the console being opened up.

The Android-based system is geared for hackers. Uhrman said in an interview with RedBullUSA.com last year that she received "hundreds and hundreds of emails daily from developers wanting to develop specifically for Ouya and wanting their games on Ouya."

Speaking of hackers, some of the app developers who will be producing games for the Ouya -- the games will be free, mostly -- have already posted their own unboxing and boot-up videos onto YouTube. One of the most comprehensive ones comes from Code Zombie Games and is worth checking out, if only to drop in for a minute or so.

Keep in mind, these are dev kits. The final console will not be made out of plastic. Only the limited-run boxes will have transparent controllers. And the development team is still tweaking the geomtery of the triggers.

According the latest entry on the Ouya blog, the team is still expecting the finalized consoles to ship to Kickstarter backers in March. You can also pre-order one for $99 on the site.

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